Saturday, May 29, 2010

Image Provocateur got the Cover of Real Weddings!

Sierra Style Magazine's
Summer Issue of
Real Weddings

Will Feature
Hair & Makeup by

Image Provocateur &
VIP-CAT Cosmetics

The Cover of this season's Real Weddings Magazine features the stunning Sarah Sutton, a Real Life Bride. Sarah just happened to be OUR Real Life Bride.

Our Wonderful Makeup Artist, Jenifer Haupt had the privilege of doing Sarah's hair and makeup on her wedding day. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to find out that we had been teamed up with Sarah once again for the fabulous photo shoot with Real Weddings.

It was a fun and fast paced day at the beautiful Citizen Hotel in Sacramento. Three Real Life bride's were the subjects, each one paired with a team of artists to do their hair & makeup.

The wonderful Beth Baugher of True Love Photo took the three of them singly and together to capture some amazing shots.

All three of the beautiful brides will be featured on the Summer Edition of Real Weddings, but the Fall Issue will feature Sarah by herself as the Cover Model Contest Winner.

The Artists of Image Provocateur were honored to once again be a part of this amazing contest and thrilled to be the team that won the cover!

Real Weddings
True Love Photo
Image Provocateur

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

VIP-CAT Academy is NOW on YouTube!

VIP-CAT Makeup Academy

Has Launched it's Very Own

YouTube Channel!

Have you every wanted to do your makeup like a pro? Now you can learn from Roc herself by watching Tutorials with Pro Tips and Tricks for everyday users!

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Get the latest Makeup tips and tricks, learn how to do wild and sexy looks, or just how to choose the right products.

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Check it out, learn something new and fun and learn how to Rock Your Glam!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VIP-CAT International Makeup Academy

Every journey beings with a first step. We at VIP-CAT International Makeup Academy are here to bring your creativity, talents and desires to life and focus! Are you ready for a glamorous journey and fantastic voyage of success and passion?

At VIP-CAT International Academy of Makeup we have created an environment where you are encouraged to excel and expand your creativity and passion. We deliver an education that fully engages you, pushes your boundaries and values creativity as your most precious commodity.

Don't hesitate to call now and make an appointment with our director of admissions for a personal interview or to reserve your spot for the next class start date. We are fully committed to your education and your future as a professional makeup artist, we are more then a makeup academy, we are your continued support through your career.

Our Philosophy
Our classes are focused on fundamental skill and theory of makeup and progress into complex high fashion, period, theater and stage applications. We believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and as a true professional you can bring this out in each individual. The sky is not a limit, because we swing from the stars!

Our Instructors
The instructors and faculty members of VIP-CAT International Makeup Academy are highly qualified professionals currently working in the beauty, bridal and film industry. They come from various back grounds and each bring passion and creativity along with a strong love for the art of the industry and are excited to share their knowledge and back ground with each student.

We are proud of our reputation within the beauty and fashion industry and acknowledge that it is the direct result of the achievement of our students and graduates. We would be delighted to help you succeed in achieving your goals and passions and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Course Descriptions

Intro to Professional Makeup Artistry
This course is an introduction to the theory and fundamentals of makeup application. This course will enable you to master the art of makeup applications spanning from fashion, beauty, bridal, evening and glamour. A portfolio workshop is included.

Advanced Makeup Artistry
This level of the Makeup Program involves a building of the basics learned in the Intro to Professional Makeup Artistry course. It is a prerequisite that you have taken this course at our academy or another well known makeup institute that covers the fundamental blocks needed for your career success. Students will learn about the fashion trends and in makeup past and present, lighting for photography in black and white and color as well as makeup for fashion shows, film and stage. Students will practice makeup application with the objective of increasing their speed and accuracy. Business aspects and portfolio development are included.

Master Makeup Artistry and Styling
This course builds on the skill and knowledge from our previous courses. It provides an introduction to onset hairstyling for bridal, film and various environments expected of industry professionals. Students will learn techniques to develop character hairstyles in addition to mastering makeup techniques for period looks, themes, film/television, special effects, and cultural events. Onset and studio etiquette of freelance, portfolio building, as well as business and social media networking are focused on. This course is essential in becoming a professional and successful artist.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stylist of the Month - Jenifer Haupt

by Arrvada
Fashion design has always been Jenifer Haupt's obsession. From high school she entered the fashion industry on the retail side and quickly found that her passion was in the creation of art and fashion and not simply the distribution. Over eight years ago she channeled her love for design and retail savvy into a successful jewelry design business.

Her handcrafted pieces of jewelry are made with genuine Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. Each one is unique, rarely duplicated and Jenifer made a very successful name for herself. Jenifer has also expanded her jewelry business which now includes one of a kind hair accessories and wedding hair pieces. All available at Image Provocateur.

However, never one to stay sedentary Jenifer sought to achieve her license as a cosmetologist to further broaden her creative outlets. Her keen eye for glamour and style has made her one of the top nail art designers in the area. Her signature stiletto nails, all the rage now in Europe, and her Rock Star toes, set her apart from any other nail technician.

In 2007 she became a key member of the Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Cosmetics team, becoming one of our top Makeup Artists and bringing to Image Provocateur all her extensive talents.

Jenifer became a teacher of VIP-CAT Academy in 2009 she also is one of our lead makeup artists at Image Provocateur bringing her extensive talents to her brides and clients. Jenifer is an amazing artist, bringing the beauty out of every bride.

She is a talented and beautiful addition to the Image Provocateur Team.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick & Dirty Fun Facts About....Jenifer

1. I love the color Red (blue-red)
2. I love Hair Band Rock (that's probably why I still have big hair!)
3. I wear many, many hats: Mother, Wife, Makeup Artist, Jewelry Designer, Nail Artist, Board Member of Little League, Cheer Coach...And I wouldn't give up a single one!
4. I hate a dirty Kitchen it really makes my skin crawl.
5. I giggle when I am nervous.
6. My Idol is Martha Stewart
7. I'm a shoe junky.
8. I am very superstitious at times.
9. I'm a good friend.
10. My family always comes (just not on this list..he he he)