Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hollywood Hotties Revlon Favorites!

Jessica Alba’s favorites:
Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup
Revlon Nail Enamel
Revlon Color Burst Lipstick

Jessica Biel’s Favorites:
Revlon Color Stay Mineral Blush & Mineral Bronzer
Revlon Double Twist Mascara
Revlon Color Stay Mineral Mousse Makeup

 Halle Berry’s Favorites
Revlon Color Stay Mineral Foundation
Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation
Fabulash Mascara
Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing Powder
Revlon Photo Ready Makeup

Friday, July 30, 2010

NARS Cosmetics - The Look of Summer 2010

The NARS Summer 2010 Campaign was created and photographed by NARS Founder and Creative Director François Nars. Once again, François turned to his dear friend Amber Valetta and transformed her, drawing inspiration from longtime muse Catherine Deneuve’s portrayal of Sèverine in the movie Belle de Jour.

Look created by: François Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics

Apply the NARS Makeup Primer, followed by NARS Fiji Sheer Matte Foundation.

For a fresh finish he set it with NARS Eden Loose Powder.
NARS Orgasm Illuminator was applied to her cheeks, forehead and center of the chin to give her skin a subtle radiance.

Then apply NARS Enchanted Cream Blush on the cheeks, followed with NARS Orgasm Blush blended toward the temples to further highlight the complexion.

Apply the iridescent ocean-blue shade of NARS Burn It Blue Duo Cream Eyeshadow to the eyelid, blending upwards toward the base of the brow bone.

Left side of NARS Pandora Duo Eyeshadow across the lid.
Brushed the rich teal shade of NARS Cleo Duo Eyeshadow into the crease.

Eyebrows were defined with NARS Blondie Single Eyeshadow, using the NARS Brow Brush.

He lined the eyes with NARS Mambo Eyeliner Pencil followed by NARS Nuits Blanches Eyeliner creating a full lash line. NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara finished the look.

NARS Angélique Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment and topped them off with NARS Love Devotion Lipstick

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to do Classic Pinup Makeup

1.  Apply your foundation and powder as usual.  Makeup sure you have a flawless, finish.
2.  Apply a Matte white shadow on lid and brow bone
3.  Apply Light brown in crease
4.  Apply liquid black liner to upper lid, winging slightly out and at an upward angle.
5.  Apply White liner on lower water line
6.  Apply a heavy coat of mascara or apply false lashes
7.  Draw on or fill in your brows to define them.  Use a ½ shade darker then you normally would for an added touch.
8.  Apply your Blush:  Use a light peachy pink blush if you are doing red lips.  Use a pinky blush if you are doing hot pink lips.
9.   Avoid highlighting or contouring unless absolutely needed for balancing features

10.  Avoid shimmers in shadows, try to use all matte
11.  Apply your lips, using either bold red or hot pink for a more modern flare to your pinup look.

12.  Use black liquid liner to create a Beauty Mark on side where hair your hair is parted from.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Our Makeup Must Haves

    A good makeup artist is an equal opportunist when it comes to the kind of products they use in their kits.  

    They are by far the worst hoarders of makeup and are almost compulsive in purchasing everything new that hits the scene.  But this isn't just a selfish indulgence, this is research and possibly a learning curve that will bring them up to the next level in their skills.

    Take a look inside any of the pro kits at Image ProvoCateur and you'll see what I mean.  You'll see an abundance of VIP-CAT Cosmetics, but you will also see a smattering of other brands as well, from MAC and NARS to Wet 'n Wild and CoverGirl.  Each of our artists are going to use the best tool for the job, no matter the name on the label.  

    Each item in our kit was chosen for it's performance.  We all have our personal favorites, brands and products, and it's how we know what is going to work best for all of our clients.

    If there was one piece of makeup We couldn't live with out?:

    Raquel Siders - Master Artist:  Revlon Colorstay Foundation.  With it you just need it, not foundation, concealer AND powder.  It's 3 in 1.

    Arrvada - Makeup Artist:  Mascara!  My lashes are freakin' blond!  My personal favorite for myself and for my kit, Covergirl's LashBlast, waterproof.  And lately, NYX Black Eye Shadow. 

    Debye Martin - Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist:  MAC Blunt.  Love it!  Use is for everything!

    Jen Haupt - Makeup Artist:  MAC Moonstone Lip gel.  My new love!

    Heather Martin - Lead Stylist & Creative Director:  Eye primer by MAC.

    Abby Siders - Makeup Artist:  MAC Black Eyeshadow

    Dana Schleth - Photographer:  Mascara...The big yellow one!  Colossal by Maybelline.

    Elya Preston - Hair Stylist:  Mascara!  Loreal Voluminous blackest black, waterproof

    Jenny "Cakes" Garten - Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist:  Mascara, pink and green bottle.

    Kayla Lawrence - Hair Stylist:  Palladio Liquid Liner and Palladio Face Powder

    Angel Rotar - Makeup Artist & Modeling Instructor:  Revlon Color Stay Foundation

    Arlene Culbreth - Hair Stylist:  Bare Essentials, warmth.  It's a bronzer.  Love it!

    Liz Eason - Massage Therapist & Makeup Artist:  Lip gloss, I have a million brands!  And my mascara which is Loreal.

    Krystle Sze - Makeup Artist - My fav makeup product is liquid foundation, and my favorite one is Teint Idole from Lancome.  I love it!

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    VIP-CAT Bride

    Image ProvoCateur, is the only place you need for all your Bridal needs. 

    We have created a place for everything a bride needs. From the engagement photos, to the hair and makeup on location for the day of the event, we will be there for you every step of the way. 

    Our salon is located in the heart of Roseville, created just for you. We cater to your every need, from the shade of your hair to the tips of your sculpted nails, we are the Image Central. We offer services in hair and makeup for the day of, hair color and design, facials and waxing, sculpted acrylic nails, photography and even massage. We were created to make your day special, that is why we are here. 

    Our brides are what matter to us, we have been making their wedding days special for over five years with our VIP-CAT Cosmetics team of makeup artists and hair stylists. At our salon we have only expanded those same qualities to cover all the fields to beautify you for your very special day. 

    Come in for a Trial Run of makeup and hair, so you can start envisioning the look you have always dreamed. Book your wedding and receive all your Salon services at a special discount just for you because you are our bride. 

    Trust your appearance to us and you will be the most radiant bride to walk down the aisle and every eye will watch you as you make your way into your bright future.

    Visit us at our location in Old Roseville at 232 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678, 

    call us at (916) 474-5578 
    or check us out on the web at

    Photos Provided by True Love Photo, Dana Photography & Jacqueline Photography

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Japanese Wash Cloth by Raquel

    The Best thing since sliced bread!!!! I cant live without mine… if you don’t have one… get one.. it’s a must!! IT doesn’t matter if you have oily acne prone skin, dry skin or normal skin… you need one of these bad boys in your shower…. (ok, ok, most of us do need bad boys in our shower….but back to the Japanese Wash Cloth)

    Not only do these exfoliate like no other…. They also help with blood circulation and cellulite…. What?? What did I say??? Oh yeah… I went there.. It's true. 

    We all know what cellulite is… if you are one of the chosen few who have not be inflicted with it, I hate you (just kidding) I once went to a local plastic surgeon and asked him if he could get rid of the cottage cheese that is clinging to my thighs for dear life….. He looked at me like I was crazy and without any hesitation replied “No.“ 

    No??? what do you mean no?? I asked. Modern science can send a man to the moon, and clone a sheep….but can't get rid of cellulite?? Now this here is some bulls#@t!!! Talk about a conspiracy…… I am telling you those cellulite cream commercials that you see…. Those must have some serious political backing… because you can't tell me with all of this modern technology and science… they can't get rid of some nasty bumpy fat on my thighs???? Shooooooot, somebody better quit playn’!

    Us less fortunate creatures……… hate it worse then are meddling mother in-law!! Since we all know what it is, I am not going to get into the scientific description and the break down of it, and why we have it… it is just a cross that most of us have to bear.. Unfortunately. The Japanese wash cloth can stimulate the blood flow to your outer dermis (thick skin with cellulite) getting the blood flowing to these areas helps reduce and break down cellulite.

    A Japanese wash cloth is about 12 inches wide and 3 feet long. They are kinda like a sheer nylon meshy looking material. You can find them at beauty stores or at Image ProvoCateur. 

    The ones that we carry are imported from Asia, and I really like the rougher consistency of them…. Cause I feel like you get more exfoliation, more bang for your buck, or rub or wash… whatever you want to call it….more cellulite stimuli out of it =) They can come in all different colors, pink or blue. So choose which ever one you like best.

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    8 Steps to a Smokey Eye

    What you need:
    Black Eye Shadow - MAC or NYX
    Highlighter Shadow - VIP-CAT Gold on White
    Black Liquid Eye Liner - Wet & Wild Black
    Mascara - Cover Girl Lash Blast
    Eye Shadow Brush - VIP-CAT or MAC
    Blending Brush - VIP-CAT Rock's Special Brush

    1. Place the highlight directly under the eyebrow on the brow bone. With a light tapping motion, place the highlight. Work from the inside corner of the eye, toward the arch of the brow, stopping at the outside edge of the brow.

    2.  Apply the light shadow over the entire lid, leaving the crease empty.

    3. Choose a medium-sized eye shadow brush for the shadow portion of the application. Press black shadow into the outer edge of the crease.  DO NOT take it past your pupil towards the inner part of your eye.

    4.  Blend out into the crease softening the edge.

    5.  Using an angled liner brush apply the Liquid Eye liner to the upper lid. On yourself make sure you lift your brow high to give a smoother application and line. Start at the outside edge of the eye and feather in towards the inside corner of the eye. Eye liner application is best done in fluid, consistent strokes.

    6. Holding the wand horizontally, apply mascara from underneath the upper lashes, working from the base of the lashes to the tips. Apply evenly from the tear duct to the outer corner.

    7.  Re-load the wand and apply mascara to the lower lashes, working from the base to the tips. If thicker lashes are desired, apply a second coat of mascara.

    8.  The smokey eye requires a stronger brow then a more natural eye. Using an angled brush, use a shadow that is the same color as your hair, choosing a shade lighter than your hair. Using the angled brush start filling in your brow with small upward, hair like flicks, working your way towards your arch. At the arch continue filling in the brow using longer more fluid motions down the length of the brow’s tail.

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Rock Star Toes

    by Arrvada
    Ok, so by now you've at least heard about these, right? We've run specials, you've gotten hints, a mere taste and it perks your interest. If it didn't we aren't doing our job. So, just what are Rock Star Toes? Well, I am glad you asked. They're the rage in So-Cal, and they are the only way to spend the summer barefoot by the pool.
    Every summer we spend time at the nail shop getting pedis. We enjoy them, they are an indulgence to be sure, but once that massage is done, how long does that bright polish last? How long do your toes look pretty in those new sandles or bare toed in the pool? Two days, five, tops? Yeah, we all know how it works. If you manage to make it home from the salon with out smudging, swiping or completely anialating your polish, by the third or fourth day your shoes are already wearing it off. It's the bane of our existance, especially during this time of year when our toes spend more time peeking out of our shoes then hiding in them.
    So how many times do you have budgeted to go to the salon for a pedi this season? How many times do you plan on wearing open toed shoes? Have you done the math? Not enough sessions at the salon, huh?
    What are we to do? You ask (with up flung hands). And I say (with a big smile), Rock Star Toes, Baby!
    Well, how'd you like to have sparkly, shiny, perfect toes all summer with minimal fuss?
    Sounds good.
    But, wait. there's more!
    No, really! How'd you like those same lovely toes to never lose that shine, or come off for weeks?
    I don't believe you!
    Why not?
    Well, it's time you Rocked those piggies!
    Rock Star Toes are simple, easy and look fabulous. Our Stylists use either glitter acrylics or gels to create a smooth, thin over lay on your natural nail. They are durable, wear well, require only a fill every few weeks, just like your fingers and do NOT damage your natural nail. Because we use a protein primer, your nails are actually strenghtened by the process. And the very best thing; you can Rock any color, sparkle or glitter you can imagine. So what are you waiting for?

    Rock those Toes, Ladies!

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    SUNBLOCK…….by Raquel

    You must use a good sun screen no matter what your skin type or shade. My Latino and African Sisters… listen up!! all too often I found that darker skinned women don’t wear sunscreen… they think that they are less likely to burn… so they don’t need it. Even though darker skin doesn’t “Burn” like very light euro descent skin, You will still sustain damage from the sun. Unprotected exposure to the Sun causes hyper pigmentation (dark spots and patches) that you will later be battling with, not to mention premature aging (fine lines and wrinkles) So block it baby!!!

    I personally have very very oily skin….. most sun blocks break me out something crazy! I use and like an oil free sun block that does not contain Titanium Dioxide!! (you know when you look at a picture of yourself…. And you are like, why does my face look so ghostish and ashy?? That is the Titanium Dioxide that most cheaper cosmetics have in them… and it causes a refection from the flash of the camera) So avoid this ingredient by all means!!! Cause girl… as a Vixenized Diva, you never know when people are gonna be poppin' off photos of you cause you look so fine!! Be prepared at all times!

    I am currently using a sun block by Peter Thomas Roth, Ultra-Lite, Oil-Free Sun block with SPF 30. I like this a lot, it goes on sheer and dries pretty well. I do not find that this makes me more oily as the day goes on like most sun blocks do. Because I have very oily skin, I forgo the moisturizer and just use the sun block. Ahhh so some relief to my oily skinned sisters, I know how many times you have cursed your mascara under your eyes =) However if you have drier skin, you will still want to use a moisturizer after you apply the sun block, because the sun block will not give you enough moisture through out the day.

    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    10 Sexy Hair Tips - Tip #10

    Tip #10. Another great and easy way to change your look is to add braids. A pair of braids twisting back from your face will give a casual, fun twist to any up do or down do you want.

    Now get out there and rock those locks!

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    10 Sexy Hair Tips - #9

    Tip #9. For a quick change to your every day look, try adding clip in extensions. They can be any color you can imagine, they will add some pop and pizazz without the huge commitment of actually dying your hair.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    10 Sexy Hair Tips - #8

    Tip #8. For a quick and easy style, you can do a fast updo. 

    Tease the hair around the crown of your head with a fine-tooth comb, then spray with of hair spray. 

    Next, brush the hair to smooth it out a bit, do not go down to your roots, as this will get rid of any of the teasing you did, and then pull everything back into a high, loose bun. 

    Pull a few pieces to fall around your face and viola! You have a rocking, sexy, simple updo.

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    Stylist of the Month - Liz Eason

    I have been fully trained and certified in many different aspects of massage therapy. These include Swedish (your basic and most common relaxation massage), Deep Tissue (pretty self explanatory), pregnancy massage, and sports massage. I also love to incorporate essential oils which provide many benefits to our muscles and truly assist in relaxing our minds from the hussle bussle of life. Ultimately my main priority is to simply help someone have a better day...if I can help slow someone down enough to really relax and ease their pain, then I am a happier woman!

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    10 Sexy Hair Tips - #7

    Tip #7. Don't brush too soon. When blowdrying your hair, separate tangles with fingers until hair is about 80 percent dry then brush. You want to make sure your fingers glide through hair effortlessly before introducing a brush to wet or even damp hair. If you don't you will stretch and snap off strands of hair.

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    10 Sexy Hair Tips - #6

    6.Use hot rollers. These babies add volume to even the heaviest or flattest hair. Place them in three rows, rolled back away from your face. They will add volume and even help control hair with frizz.

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Sexy Hair Tips - #5

    Tip #5. Dirty hair is easier to style. Weird, but true. It's more manageable and has better texture that will hold the curls and shape of any looking you are trying for. If you have to wash your hair everyday, you can sprinkle a little bit of baby powder into your hair to give it a better texture.

    Sexy Hair Tips - #4

    Tip #4. Try not to wash your hair every day. I know, sounds pretty crazy, especially to those of you with more oily hair. It's true you might be scared of turning into a grease ball, but the truth is, you're over washing your hair. Try spreading it out to every other day, your hair will adjust and adapt. It will stop producing so much sebum. If you find it hard to spread out your washings, use a little bit of baby powder. It will absorb the oils and brush right out of her hair.

    Sexy Hair Tips - #3

    Tip #3. Choose and use the right products for your hair. Using a shampoo that is Sulfate Free will keep your hair from getting dull from product build up. In doubt on what to use? Our suggestion: Enjoy's Sulfate Free Shampoo, works on all hair types, won't strip your color and removes all that product build up that has been weighing your do down.

    10 Sexy Hair Tips - #2

    Tip #2: To keep your hair from getting dry and frizzy even after swimming or laying out by the pool use a good leave in conditioner. Our Conditioner of choice? Enjoy's Conditioning Spray. This can be used right after your shower as a good leave in conditioner or throughout the day whenever you hair is starting to feel brittle.

    10 Sexy Hair Tips

    Tip #1:
    If you want to get the most out of your summer do, here's a list of tips to help you through the heat!

    1. Use a good thermal protectant when using hot tools. - Best one out there is Enjoy's Shine Spray! This little pink spray bottle has the best thermal protectant as well as shine enhancement you can get. With no added alcohol, it will keep your hair looking luscious even in the worst heat.
    Quick & Dirty Fun Facts About...Arrvada
    1. When I was little I had an imaginary horse named Blacky
    2. I used to eat Cheerios with orange juice instead of milk
    3. I write to do lists for fun
    4. I think sharks are the most beautiful creatures in the world
    5. I am double jointed
    6. I can not cook to save my life
    7. I think the Snuggle bear is evil
    8. I hate cooked coconut
    9. I was a roller derby girl for like a minute
    10. I always carry a tape recorder, my laptop and a note book with me wherever I go.