Monday, July 26, 2010

Japanese Wash Cloth by Raquel

The Best thing since sliced bread!!!! I cant live without mine… if you don’t have one… get one.. it’s a must!! IT doesn’t matter if you have oily acne prone skin, dry skin or normal skin… you need one of these bad boys in your shower…. (ok, ok, most of us do need bad boys in our shower….but back to the Japanese Wash Cloth)

Not only do these exfoliate like no other…. They also help with blood circulation and cellulite…. What?? What did I say??? Oh yeah… I went there.. It's true. 

We all know what cellulite is… if you are one of the chosen few who have not be inflicted with it, I hate you (just kidding) I once went to a local plastic surgeon and asked him if he could get rid of the cottage cheese that is clinging to my thighs for dear life….. He looked at me like I was crazy and without any hesitation replied “No.“ 

No??? what do you mean no?? I asked. Modern science can send a man to the moon, and clone a sheep….but can't get rid of cellulite?? Now this here is some bulls#@t!!! Talk about a conspiracy…… I am telling you those cellulite cream commercials that you see…. Those must have some serious political backing… because you can't tell me with all of this modern technology and science… they can't get rid of some nasty bumpy fat on my thighs???? Shooooooot, somebody better quit playn’!

Us less fortunate creatures……… hate it worse then are meddling mother in-law!! Since we all know what it is, I am not going to get into the scientific description and the break down of it, and why we have it… it is just a cross that most of us have to bear.. Unfortunately. The Japanese wash cloth can stimulate the blood flow to your outer dermis (thick skin with cellulite) getting the blood flowing to these areas helps reduce and break down cellulite.

A Japanese wash cloth is about 12 inches wide and 3 feet long. They are kinda like a sheer nylon meshy looking material. You can find them at beauty stores or at Image ProvoCateur. 

The ones that we carry are imported from Asia, and I really like the rougher consistency of them…. Cause I feel like you get more exfoliation, more bang for your buck, or rub or wash… whatever you want to call it….more cellulite stimuli out of it =) They can come in all different colors, pink or blue. So choose which ever one you like best.

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