Sunday, July 25, 2010

8 Steps to a Smokey Eye

What you need:
Black Eye Shadow - MAC or NYX
Highlighter Shadow - VIP-CAT Gold on White
Black Liquid Eye Liner - Wet & Wild Black
Mascara - Cover Girl Lash Blast
Eye Shadow Brush - VIP-CAT or MAC
Blending Brush - VIP-CAT Rock's Special Brush

1. Place the highlight directly under the eyebrow on the brow bone. With a light tapping motion, place the highlight. Work from the inside corner of the eye, toward the arch of the brow, stopping at the outside edge of the brow.

2.  Apply the light shadow over the entire lid, leaving the crease empty.

3. Choose a medium-sized eye shadow brush for the shadow portion of the application. Press black shadow into the outer edge of the crease.  DO NOT take it past your pupil towards the inner part of your eye.

4.  Blend out into the crease softening the edge.

5.  Using an angled liner brush apply the Liquid Eye liner to the upper lid. On yourself make sure you lift your brow high to give a smoother application and line. Start at the outside edge of the eye and feather in towards the inside corner of the eye. Eye liner application is best done in fluid, consistent strokes.

6. Holding the wand horizontally, apply mascara from underneath the upper lashes, working from the base of the lashes to the tips. Apply evenly from the tear duct to the outer corner.

7.  Re-load the wand and apply mascara to the lower lashes, working from the base to the tips. If thicker lashes are desired, apply a second coat of mascara.

8.  The smokey eye requires a stronger brow then a more natural eye. Using an angled brush, use a shadow that is the same color as your hair, choosing a shade lighter than your hair. Using the angled brush start filling in your brow with small upward, hair like flicks, working your way towards your arch. At the arch continue filling in the brow using longer more fluid motions down the length of the brow’s tail.

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