Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diezel Tattoo Exclusively at Image Provocateur

Image Provocateur is excited and proud to feature Diezel Tattoo, exclusively in our Roseville Salon. Diezel is a smokin' talent with an unique style all his own...

You've seen his work on Raquel Siders and Elizabeth Eason as well as many others... and now it's time for you to have your your own piece of original body art by Diezel.

Diezel was born in Northern California to a rebellious but business minded middle class family. He discovered his love for art and music young and quickly moved through many mediums including Painting, Photography and Graffiti.

"An artist is limited by his vision, that's why I'm a big dreamer."

Hit with his biggest life obstacle in early 1999 when his father passed away he "Came to terms with life that day, It's one huge 'what if?'... I don't live with what ifs. You do what you want to do and live life like it's your last day on Earth. Only do what makes you happy life is short and the jokes on you."

He got his first taste of tattooing when he was 13 and got his first tattoo with nothing but a razor and pen ink. After that moment he wanted to learn everything there was about this strange new art form.

His artistic style is a mix of traditional, bright and bold , combined with his signature realistic, detailed pieces.

"I try to make every tattoo a one of a kind piece... something original and that says it all."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stylist of the Month - Debye Martin

Here's a little bit about myself:

When I was 12 I taught myself to sew. From there it blossomed into a passion for fashion and beauty, which soon led me into Cosmetology. In high school my fellow classmates decided I needed a makeup lesson. This turned out to be a launching into the beauty industry.

I began modeling with a local agency in Denver, Colorado. There I learned more from some European pros that came to instruct us into the proper makeup applications. In the early 90's I decided to futher my career in the Cosmetology industry.

First, I completed my licensing as a manicurist. I had a small business in downtown Sacramento. This had opened a whole new world to me. But, I wanted more so continued my education and got my license in Cosmetology. I was never one to be satisfied and soon found myself pushing it to the next level and became an Cosmotology Instructor at a local Beauty Academy. Being a instructor and giving back to the industry I love has been so rewarding.

I worked at a local salon in the Carmichael area where I learned from some of the best in the industry. There is where I learned more about taking the proper care of your skin. As a baby boomer I have learned the importance of taking care of your skin. This is one of the areas I plan to expand here at Image Provocateur. I've also done many weddings as a event planner and makeup artist.

In the business world I have been a Vice President for a printing direct mail house in Reno area. The corporate world has some satisfaction. But, this industry has brought me more joy and fulfillment. So, being at Image Provocateur & VIP-Cat Academy is like being home. The joy I receive from helping others is a dream come true.

My motto is: " here at Image Provocateur glamor is our business. So let us take care of all your beauty needs. Enjoy the ultimate experience that will unleash the Vixen which lives within all of us".....

Debye is an integral part of the Image Provocateur Team, she is a Lead Bridal Makeup & Hair Specialist, as well as on-sight instructor.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 10 Must Do's for Sultry Summer Beauty!

1. Use a sunscreen on your face.

2. Stay-proof your eye makeup. For long lasting shadow, don't use eye cream. Use a eye primer this helps keep the shadows from creasing. The primer helps the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer.

3. Drink 64 ounces of water daily.

4. Always clean your face daily. Cleanse tone and moisturize.

5. Clean your makeup brushes weekly. They carry bacteria as well as muddying up your finished look.

6. Stop shine add glow. Use blotting papers to get rid of that unsightly "I'm hot". If you need to perk up your makeup too, blot first, and then follow up with a dusting of pressed powder. This takes away that shine but leaves the summer glow.

7. Switch out thick lipsticks. Try using different color of gloss or tinted lip balm for that natural lip.

8. Use waterproof mascara.

9. Go sheer on the face. Switch to sheer versions of your go-to lip and eye hues.

10. Lighten up on your face makeup. Swap foundations for tinted moisturizer. These sheer formulas look and feel airier on skin and are less likely to turn cakey on steamy days.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pin-Up & Paint Photography Shoot out!

On Sunday May 30, 2010 downtown Roseville came alive with Models, Makeup & Mayhem!

20 Models & 7 Photographers descended upon Image Provocateur for a fast paced day of high fashion art.

The Shoot-Out was organized by Raquel Siders of Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Makeup Academy. Models & Makeup artists were provided by VIP-CAT Makeup Academy, many of which were graduates of the Makeup Academy.

Raquel Siders visualized the concept and through her efforts arranged a spectacular environment for the photographers and models. Using Graduates of VIP-CAT Makeup Academy, all of which are now working Professionally in the Makeup Industry, Raquel created a glamorous, high fashion pin-up look on all the models.

Raquel also gathered and organized the models, makeup & hair teams to provide the photographers with a fabulous environment in which to capture the essence of Pin-up glam.

The Salon, Image Provocateur was the back drop and in some ways the driving inspiration for the shoot. Choosing a high fashion, rocker edge, with classic pin-up glamor and the colorful body art of tattoos, Raquel was able to create a perfect environment for some amazing art.

This shoot was by Invite Only, so only a few select photographers got the chance to join this Rockin' Shoot-Out!

Our Next Shoot-Out is going to be scheduled for Mid August. If you thought The Pin-Up & Paint Shoot-Out was awesome, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Set in a gothic cemetary, this dark wedding themed shoot will combine gothic, horror and high fashion glam elements.

We haven't cast our models or photographers yet, so don't wait, you know you want to be part of it!

If you want to model or shoot it, email Raquel at imageprov@yahoo.com

The Pin-Up & Paint Shoot-Out was Amazing, thanks in part to these fabulous Photographers:

Igor Kondrya
Ozan Ulucan
Jim Parks
Revolver 6
Andrew Luo
Rendy Lai
Lynn Truong

All Makeup & Hair Provided by:
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Makeup Academy

Photos provided by:
Revolver 6 Photography

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mystic Cinema: Bringing a little bit of Hollywood to Roseville!

It's not really easy to describe Mystic Cinema. It's all about movies, good movies from all eras, brought back to the big screen for your entertainment. How they they describe themselves is pretty simple, so I'll let them do the honors:

"We've got a thing for classic movies and vintage theaters. The only problem was that we couldn't find any vintage theaters that played classic movies this side of Sacramento. Well, after we finished our bitching and moaning, we decided to do something about this travesty and it wasn't long before Mystic Cinema was born."

Tower Theater Roseville"This is way more than a theater. It's a culture. It's an experience. It's a movement!! It's a time warp!!! It's a hallucination!!!! It's....ummm, scratch that last one. Got a bit carried away there.
You might be thinking that that is pretty amazing in and of itself, but we didn't stop there. No sir-ee Bob! We just kept right on trail blazing and gave the power to the people by letting them VOTE on what movies are shown. That's right, you decide!"

They are putting the power in your hands. You want to see a classic movie for the first time on the big screen? Well, get over their their website and cast your vote! You just might get to see your favorite movie the way it was supposed to be seen. On the big screen!

Willy WonkaMystic Cinema is located on Vernon St. at the Roseville Tower Theatre. Movies are only shown a few times a month so keep posted on what is up and coming by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Currently they only show movies on one day and one day only. But lucky you they are showing movies on 2 (count them) TWO Dates in June!

Blazing SaddlesJune 18th they will be playing:
BEN HUR at 2pm & at 10pm
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory at 7pm.

Then on June 25th they will be playing:
Blazing Saddles at Midnight

You now know exactly where to find me on those dates! That's right, front row center!

Stay Updated and follow them on

Facebook Facebook/Mystic Cinema
Twitter twitter/mysticcinema
or on their Website: www.MysticCinema.com

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick & Dirty Fun Facts About.... Debye

1. I love bungee jumping
2. I love fishing
3. I used to drive an 18 Wheeler, Big Rig Truck!
4. I want to do a cattle drive someday
5. I love the rodeo. The Reno rodeo is tops!
6. When I was 18 I wanted to be a fashion designer.
7. I love, love, love Sushi!
8. No soda for me, ever!
9. I love Seven gum cause it pops like no other!
10. I want to go back to Hawaii someday. The islands are so tranquil and peaceful.