Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diezel Tattoo Exclusively at Image Provocateur

Image Provocateur is excited and proud to feature Diezel Tattoo, exclusively in our Roseville Salon. Diezel is a smokin' talent with an unique style all his own...

You've seen his work on Raquel Siders and Elizabeth Eason as well as many others... and now it's time for you to have your your own piece of original body art by Diezel.

Diezel was born in Northern California to a rebellious but business minded middle class family. He discovered his love for art and music young and quickly moved through many mediums including Painting, Photography and Graffiti.

"An artist is limited by his vision, that's why I'm a big dreamer."

Hit with his biggest life obstacle in early 1999 when his father passed away he "Came to terms with life that day, It's one huge 'what if?'... I don't live with what ifs. You do what you want to do and live life like it's your last day on Earth. Only do what makes you happy life is short and the jokes on you."

He got his first taste of tattooing when he was 13 and got his first tattoo with nothing but a razor and pen ink. After that moment he wanted to learn everything there was about this strange new art form.

His artistic style is a mix of traditional, bright and bold , combined with his signature realistic, detailed pieces.

"I try to make every tattoo a one of a kind piece... something original and that says it all."