Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stylist of the Month - Shay Galipeaux

by Arrvada

"I love what I do and I do what I love." What Shay Galipeaux loves is sculpting hair with skill and a shiny pair of shears.
A graduate of Federico Beauty College, Shay discovered early in her education that she had a passion for cutting. A skilled colorist, Shay turned her attention on advancing her skill with her shears. She began seeking out advanced cutting classes both in Sacramento and San Francisco to learn the techniques that have made her such an asset to Image Provocateur.
With her advanced skills in cut, color and styling, Shay has been an asset on many Hair Shows, Bridal Shows and Runway Shows, with Image Provocateur as well as having worked Fashion Shows with Rowana and Takashi. She is always striving to make herself the best, and with this kind of drive, Shay Galipeaux will soon be.
When asked why she chose this path she simply said, "I couldn't ask for better career or a better group of girls than the ones I found at Image Provocateur."
Image Provocateur couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nail Art

by Arrvada

It seems that every where you look these days there's another nail salon featuring full set of acrylics for less and less. They are in every strip mall and beside every starbucks, or so it seems. In these days when speed is the need these seem like the place to go to get your nails done. It's true they are quick but what you make up for in time you lose in quality. Of course that's not to say you will not get a good set of nails, its just making the simple observations of the differences between a 'chop shop' and true 'nail art'. Nail Art is when your nails are created to suit you, your individual style and needs. Nail Art is when every nail is sculpted to the length and shape you need with additions of sparkle and mylar, with tattoos and gems to make your nails not just a pretty tip to your fingers but true works of art that express your own unique style. At Image Provocateur our Nail technicians are not simply those who can slap on a tip and some pretty colors, we feature only true Nail Artists, those who have a passion for the art, for creating a unique and fabulous set of nails for each and everyone of their clients. From sculpted Acrylics and Gels, to our amazing Rock Star Toes, Image Provocateur is the place to Express Yourself!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Calling all Models!

Open Casting Call
All Models
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Academy
All Modeling Hopefuls are welcome to try out
July 22, 2009 from 7:00pm-9:00pm
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Academy
232 Vernon Street * Roseville, CA 95678
This is an Open Casting Call
so if you think you have what it takes, Come on out!
Strut your stuff before 3 local designers
and see if you've got it!
You could win the chance to attend VIP-CAT Academy of Modeling
and the oportunity to work with these designers.
What are you waiting for? This is your chance!
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Academy
"Where your Image is Everything!"
232 Vernon Street * Roseville, CA 95678
Ph (916) 474-5578 * Fx (916) 474-5579

Sun-kissed Summer Look?

by Arrvada

Summer is all about creating that healthy, flirty, feminine appearance. It’s the time to bring out the floral dresses, strapped sandals and expose your skin to the sun. Sun kissed skin is the ideal, but with golden tans comes the potential for damage. Over exposure, dehydration, improper care, all of these things can create skin that is dull, skin that appears aged. Skin conditions change with each season; therefore it is very important to update your skin care regime as well as the type of makeup you wear.

Choosing the right skin care is the first step to having radiant skin. To avoid dehydration from sun exposure and heat, follow these essential steps:

1. Cleanse with a hydrating cleanser, something that will work well with your skins own pH. I recommned Dermaquest Daily Enzyme Cleanser (For Dry to Normal Skin types) or DermaQuest Antibacterial Enzyme Cleanser (for Oily to Acneic Skin).

2. Use a manual exfoliant to stimulate your blood flow and purge your pores. This will reduce dullness in your skin, reintroduce much needed moisture and reduce blemishes. My recommendation? The Japanese Wash Cloth of course!

3. After this cleansing wait a few minutes and moisturize your skin, making sure to moisturize your whole face, especially under your eyes, continuing down your neck. For Dry/Normal Skin Types there is nothing better than DermaQuest's Advanced B-5 Serum. If your skin is oily I would strongly recommend the Dermaquest Rejuvaderm.

4. A daily application of a sunscreen should become routine before ever leaving the house. DermaQuest's Solar Moisturizer provides perfect coverage.

5. And that final touch for luminous, healthy skin begins on the inside. Drink water, it’s a simple step, but one of the most essential to maintaining a healthy body and healthy skin.

Proper choices for your skin care products can seem like a challenge, but some basic knowledge is all you need. Choose a cleanser that will fit with your own chemical make up, check ingredients avoiding products with alcohol in them as this will only dry your skin out further. The same applies for your moisturizer. A good moisturizer is one of the most valuable investments you can make. While there seem to be hundreds to choose from the choice isn’t that difficult. Choose something that will be light on your skin with maximum hydration. A light moisturizer for day will wear well under your makeup, making the application of your foundation more even as well. Also, if it is light and penetrates your skin it won’t cause your make up to run when the heat outside goes up. A good choice for better coverage and longer stay with hydration would be to get a tinted moisturizer, but not all tinted moisturizers will do. Again read your ingredients and avoid products with excessive amounts of Titanium Dioxide in them, as this cam clog your pores and lead to breakout. Most sunscreens and foundations to contain this ingredient, so be careful to choose one with a more minimal amount.

For your evening routine, choose a heavier moisturizer, something that will restore your skin from a long day beneath the sun, facing the heat and the daily wears of those nasty free-radicals. It should be thicker, deeper penetrating so that while you sleep it will refresh, rejuvenate and revive your skin, giving you that fresh and rested skin we all crave.

With the changing season comes a need for a change in your makeup as well as your skin care.

1. Colors change each season so be sure to pick a foundation that will match your new golden tones. A foundation that wears well in the heat, that is oil free and wears even when you sweat. VIP-CAT's Oil Free Foundation is my prime choice.

2. Followed by a translucent powder to set your makeup, even out the skin tone and keep your makeup from running. VIP-CAT's Powder foundation is an excellent choice.

3. And for sure fire makeup staying power covering with a fixing spray will keep you looking like a goddess all day.

4. Water proof mascara is always the right choice, it won’t run underneath your eyes, and it makes your eyes pop.

Choosing eye shadows, lip tones, skin tones can seem daunting, but with proper education, or a personal consultation with a trained cosmetic artist will guide you in the right direction.

At Image Provocateur in Roseville you will find Cosmetic Artists, Fashion consultants, Hairstylists, nail technicians and skincare specialists that will guide you to a sexy new you, ready for the sunny days of summer and all seasons beyond.

Come see us for your personal consultation. We are located at 419 Riverside Avenue, Roseville, CA 95678. Call us at (916)474-5578 to schedule your appointment today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Image Provocateur Moving?

You've Heard the Whispers.....

And they're True!

Image Provocateur is happy to announce that we are going to be moving.
That's right, we've outgrown our cute little place on Riverside Avenue and are moving a few blocks to the bigger and the better 232 Vernon Street.
The move will be official on August 1, 2009 and until that date it will be business as usual at the Riverside location.

To Celebrate our new digs, we will be having a
Grand Re-Opening Celebration on August 1, 2009.
High Fashion Hair and Makeup Fashion Show
by the Stylists of Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Academy
Complete with Cocktails, party favors and fun for all.
Join us from 2:00pm to 8:00pm Saturday August 1, 2009
and get your first look at the New Face of
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Academy

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fake Bake or the Real Deal

by Arrvada

It's very tempting this time of year to head out to the tanning salon or even lay out on those more sunny days to pick up some sun. But it's not really the safest way to get that luscious golden glow. I'm not just talking about skin cancer, though too much sun exposure can definitely lead to that. What I'm talking about is wrinkles, yep, those dastardly signs of aging that we all could do without.These denizens of maturity, these signatures of life, though on a man a few lines are thought distinguising, on a woman? Not quite so distinguishing are they?So what are you supposed to do? Well for one, don't tan your face and neck when in those hot boxes or under that golden orb. And if you really insist on baking your skin, stay hydrated. Dehydration is the number one creator of fine lines and wrinkles in skin. It's amazing what a difference a few ounces of water can do for your skin. Use a good moisturizer, hydrate and don't leave your house without your sun screen. Even with tanning a sun screen should be used to cut down on the damage done by direct sunlight.
So with all these side affects, wrinkles, dehydration, pre- mature aging and cancer why would anyone still want to tan the old fashioned way or in a tanning bed? Because we all want to be golden, that's why! My remedy for this? Airbrush spray tanning of course! The results are immediate, so there's no need to plan in advance of your summer vacation or a night out in that little black dress that shows about a yard of leg. Take fifteen minutes out of your day to have a golden tan that lasts a week. The perfect start to your summer tanning or the safest way to keep bronzed and avoid all the hazards of sun exposure. Not to mention, no tan lines, no orange streaks or 'fake bake' look, get a perfect sculpted tan every time. And one more added benefit, the ingredients in this tanning solution, DHA and Aloe benefit the skin more than you might think. Aloe adds conditioning, moisturizing to your skin while the DHA has actually been known to help reduce the signs of cellulite! Yep, I said it, cellulite. So what are you waiting for? It's time to get your own golden glow!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer is Hair!

by Arrvada

Summer is hell on hair. Yeah you've heard, yeah you know it...but do you really? Sure you know that the heat can frizz out any good head of hair, that chlorine can turn bleached blonde hair green, but do you realize that the heat, the sun and everything else makes your color fade as well? Like most women, I am sure you play with color throughout the year and summer is no exception. Whether it's a few highlights, or like me a new vibrant color every other month you still have to deal with fadage and the other ravages of summer. And none of us want to spend the entire summer hiding from the sun and heat just to make a color job last. For one it's impractical and for two, it's just no fun! So, you might ask, just what are we supposed to do about it? Fear not my fabulous friends! I am about to pass on a few hair care tips that will save your hair and your budget.
1. Don't wash your hair every day. I know, I know, sounds pretty impossible, especially to those of you currently yelling, My hair will get oily! I know this, but here's the simple truth, you're over washing your hair people! Try spreading it out to every other day, longer if you can last with out plotting my destruction.
2. Stop using Pantene! And herbal essences and suave and....Hopefully you get the picture. Sure they all smell really great, but they are hell on your hair. Stop the madness people! Love your hair and it will love you. Give it what you need. My personal preference? Enjoy Hair Care's Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. These are scientifically formulated to be pH balanced to your skin and hair. These beauties won't kill the budget nor will they kill the hair. I know once you use them you will love them the same way I do.
3. Use a Heat Protectant. If you are using heat to style your hair, Blow Dryer, Flat iron, Curling iron, you need to use a hair protectant. And not just any, some of these so called heat protectants or shine serums actually contain isopropyl alcohol which dries the hair and splits the cuticle wide open causing even more damage than heat alone. My suggestion: Enjoy Hair Care's Shine Spray. I love this little pink bottle; it's an addiction I know is good for me.
4. Indulge yourself. No, not just on those fabulous shoes you saw the other day at the mall (though I do encourage that too) I mean treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. Give it what it's craving, protein and moisture. You won't regret it.
So, now that you're armed with these jewels of wisdom, head out there and have a great summer! (The full line of Enjoy Hair Care products can be found everyday at Image Provocateur)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuesday Night: HOT HOT HOT

Tuesday June 30, 2009 found Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Academy in the spotlight. At 10pm at The Station 1100 Orlando Avenue, Roseville, CA 95661, Image Provocateur was proud to present three of the areas most glamorous up and coming designers. With the vibrant and upscale designs of Lilu Styles by Liliya Nixon, the Funky, Urban Glam of Agape Designs and the Edgy, Rock & Roll look of Black Cat Threads, this fashion show was one for the records. With Hair and Makeup provided by the wonderful stylists of Image Provocateur, the models strutted their stuff, and sported the hottest summer looks of the year.

For more information on these Hot Designers see below:

Black Cat Threads by VIP-CAT: to be exclusively featured at Image Provocateur 232 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678, Ph 916-474-5578 http://www.imageprov.com/

Lilu Styles by Liliya Nixon http://www.lilustyles.com/