Monday, October 26, 2009

Stylist of the Month - Heather Martin

by Arrvada

This pin-up Rocker Chick makes Hair Art look easy. She can make a nothing do into a Rockin' Do in a matter of minutes. Heather has been in the industry most of her adult life, having discovered early that her passion was fashion. She believes in guiding her clients to the perfect look for them. She loves being able to create new, innovative looks and help people find the look that makes them feel themselves. A master stylist and colorist, Heather's education began at Jerry Lee Beauty College. Since then her passion to become the best has driven her to more and more advanced levels of cutting and color. One thing you can be certain with Heather is you will have perfect color, every time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


By Arrvada

Halloween is a day that gets mixed reviews. Its a day when some believe the spirits roam the earth, a day for fun and frolic and for some fear. Whatever your personal belief there is definitely something about this one day of the year that intrigues and inspires the world.
Its true that this day was once celebrated in ancient times, a pagan holiday filled with mystery and fire. A day that the early Christians feared for its power and the darkness that seemed so close at hand during this time of year when the sun begins to wane. But today, even so many years later, this holiday has survived, taking on a new and glamourous face, that barely hides its ancient origins. What is it about Halloween that facinates and thrills the world? That thrills young and old alike? Why do we like Halloween? Because we get to reinvent ourselves, reimagine who we are, unleash our alter ego and revisit our childhood. We get to be whomever we want to be.
So light the fires, break out the paint and be whomever you want to be this year. For one day, you are free to

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pics from Witchapalooza 2009!

We saw some crazy costumes and did some crazy makeup. Check out our work!
Makeup by Jenifer Haupt
Hair by Nicole Richardson

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painting Faces - Makeup Artist Edith Piceno

by Arrvada

Edith Piceno has been a Makeup Artist for over five years. She has always been drawn to the Makeup and Fashion industry. Everything about makeup appeals to her, from the use of color, to how good it feels to turn a face into a canvas. To her the greatest thing about doing makeup is the way her clients feel when they are done. The confidence she can give them and all the compliments that are given to them. She thrives on making the World Beautiful, one face at a time.
Prior to coming to Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Academy Edith worked for M.A.C. Cosmetics. While there she learned many skills, however Edith feels she didn’t truly blossom until she joined the VIP-CAT Team of Makeup Artists here at Image Provocateur.
To Edith there is no better thing in life then painting faces.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dana Schleth: Photographer

by Arrvada

"Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment." Aaron Sussman

"I've always been addicted to fact. In college, I thought this addiction would lead me to a career in Business finance or economics. Well, three associate degrees and an internship proved otherwise; I loathed the confines of a desk, a computer, and paper walls. So, less than a year from graduation I decided to take a well-deserved soul-searching road trip from LA to Florida. I started off driving 85 mph but a speeding ticket forced me to slow down and look, not just to look, but to really see. I realized there was an entire world around me. A world I had never seen, I was so small and it had so much to teach me. Fortunately, I packed the old canon camera my grandmother had given me and three lenses that I had hardly used before. I was a little less than half way when I realized I had become fused, with the old camera from my sock drawer. "
When she returned from Florida Dana felt driven to search a path into photography and within three months she was attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. She found her dream, her passion in a lens. During her time at Brooks she became involved with several photography studios and studied under many well known photographers such as Chuck Place, Bill Robbins and Greg Voight. She also did commercial work for Santa Barbara County's First Five program and several local small businesses. She graduated with honors from Brooks in Southern California with a B.A. in Digital Imaging.
In 2008 Dana was recognized by the International Society of Photographers for some of her work. The image honored is now featured in an anthology titled Endless Journeys.
Dana is a truly talented artist, bringing her keen eye and love of beauty into any realm. From commerical to bridal from boudoir to high fashion she can capture the beauty life through the eye of her lens.
Image Provocateur is now Dana's home. Call us now for your own session with Dana and let her capture your beauty.