Saturday, October 24, 2009


By Arrvada

Halloween is a day that gets mixed reviews. Its a day when some believe the spirits roam the earth, a day for fun and frolic and for some fear. Whatever your personal belief there is definitely something about this one day of the year that intrigues and inspires the world.
Its true that this day was once celebrated in ancient times, a pagan holiday filled with mystery and fire. A day that the early Christians feared for its power and the darkness that seemed so close at hand during this time of year when the sun begins to wane. But today, even so many years later, this holiday has survived, taking on a new and glamourous face, that barely hides its ancient origins. What is it about Halloween that facinates and thrills the world? That thrills young and old alike? Why do we like Halloween? Because we get to reinvent ourselves, reimagine who we are, unleash our alter ego and revisit our childhood. We get to be whomever we want to be.
So light the fires, break out the paint and be whomever you want to be this year. For one day, you are free to

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