Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nail Art

by Arrvada

It seems that every where you look these days there's another nail salon featuring full set of acrylics for less and less. They are in every strip mall and beside every starbucks, or so it seems. In these days when speed is the need these seem like the place to go to get your nails done. It's true they are quick but what you make up for in time you lose in quality. Of course that's not to say you will not get a good set of nails, its just making the simple observations of the differences between a 'chop shop' and true 'nail art'. Nail Art is when your nails are created to suit you, your individual style and needs. Nail Art is when every nail is sculpted to the length and shape you need with additions of sparkle and mylar, with tattoos and gems to make your nails not just a pretty tip to your fingers but true works of art that express your own unique style. At Image Provocateur our Nail technicians are not simply those who can slap on a tip and some pretty colors, we feature only true Nail Artists, those who have a passion for the art, for creating a unique and fabulous set of nails for each and everyone of their clients. From sculpted Acrylics and Gels, to our amazing Rock Star Toes, Image Provocateur is the place to Express Yourself!

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