Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer is Hair!

by Arrvada

Summer is hell on hair. Yeah you've heard, yeah you know it...but do you really? Sure you know that the heat can frizz out any good head of hair, that chlorine can turn bleached blonde hair green, but do you realize that the heat, the sun and everything else makes your color fade as well? Like most women, I am sure you play with color throughout the year and summer is no exception. Whether it's a few highlights, or like me a new vibrant color every other month you still have to deal with fadage and the other ravages of summer. And none of us want to spend the entire summer hiding from the sun and heat just to make a color job last. For one it's impractical and for two, it's just no fun! So, you might ask, just what are we supposed to do about it? Fear not my fabulous friends! I am about to pass on a few hair care tips that will save your hair and your budget.
1. Don't wash your hair every day. I know, I know, sounds pretty impossible, especially to those of you currently yelling, My hair will get oily! I know this, but here's the simple truth, you're over washing your hair people! Try spreading it out to every other day, longer if you can last with out plotting my destruction.
2. Stop using Pantene! And herbal essences and suave and....Hopefully you get the picture. Sure they all smell really great, but they are hell on your hair. Stop the madness people! Love your hair and it will love you. Give it what you need. My personal preference? Enjoy Hair Care's Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. These are scientifically formulated to be pH balanced to your skin and hair. These beauties won't kill the budget nor will they kill the hair. I know once you use them you will love them the same way I do.
3. Use a Heat Protectant. If you are using heat to style your hair, Blow Dryer, Flat iron, Curling iron, you need to use a hair protectant. And not just any, some of these so called heat protectants or shine serums actually contain isopropyl alcohol which dries the hair and splits the cuticle wide open causing even more damage than heat alone. My suggestion: Enjoy Hair Care's Shine Spray. I love this little pink bottle; it's an addiction I know is good for me.
4. Indulge yourself. No, not just on those fabulous shoes you saw the other day at the mall (though I do encourage that too) I mean treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. Give it what it's craving, protein and moisture. You won't regret it.
So, now that you're armed with these jewels of wisdom, head out there and have a great summer! (The full line of Enjoy Hair Care products can be found everyday at Image Provocateur)

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