Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fake Bake or the Real Deal

by Arrvada

It's very tempting this time of year to head out to the tanning salon or even lay out on those more sunny days to pick up some sun. But it's not really the safest way to get that luscious golden glow. I'm not just talking about skin cancer, though too much sun exposure can definitely lead to that. What I'm talking about is wrinkles, yep, those dastardly signs of aging that we all could do without.These denizens of maturity, these signatures of life, though on a man a few lines are thought distinguising, on a woman? Not quite so distinguishing are they?So what are you supposed to do? Well for one, don't tan your face and neck when in those hot boxes or under that golden orb. And if you really insist on baking your skin, stay hydrated. Dehydration is the number one creator of fine lines and wrinkles in skin. It's amazing what a difference a few ounces of water can do for your skin. Use a good moisturizer, hydrate and don't leave your house without your sun screen. Even with tanning a sun screen should be used to cut down on the damage done by direct sunlight.
So with all these side affects, wrinkles, dehydration, pre- mature aging and cancer why would anyone still want to tan the old fashioned way or in a tanning bed? Because we all want to be golden, that's why! My remedy for this? Airbrush spray tanning of course! The results are immediate, so there's no need to plan in advance of your summer vacation or a night out in that little black dress that shows about a yard of leg. Take fifteen minutes out of your day to have a golden tan that lasts a week. The perfect start to your summer tanning or the safest way to keep bronzed and avoid all the hazards of sun exposure. Not to mention, no tan lines, no orange streaks or 'fake bake' look, get a perfect sculpted tan every time. And one more added benefit, the ingredients in this tanning solution, DHA and Aloe benefit the skin more than you might think. Aloe adds conditioning, moisturizing to your skin while the DHA has actually been known to help reduce the signs of cellulite! Yep, I said it, cellulite. So what are you waiting for? It's time to get your own golden glow!

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