Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mystic Cinema: Bringing a little bit of Hollywood to Roseville!

It's not really easy to describe Mystic Cinema. It's all about movies, good movies from all eras, brought back to the big screen for your entertainment. How they they describe themselves is pretty simple, so I'll let them do the honors:

"We've got a thing for classic movies and vintage theaters. The only problem was that we couldn't find any vintage theaters that played classic movies this side of Sacramento. Well, after we finished our bitching and moaning, we decided to do something about this travesty and it wasn't long before Mystic Cinema was born."

Tower Theater Roseville"This is way more than a theater. It's a culture. It's an experience. It's a movement!! It's a time warp!!! It's a hallucination!!!! It's....ummm, scratch that last one. Got a bit carried away there.
You might be thinking that that is pretty amazing in and of itself, but we didn't stop there. No sir-ee Bob! We just kept right on trail blazing and gave the power to the people by letting them VOTE on what movies are shown. That's right, you decide!"

They are putting the power in your hands. You want to see a classic movie for the first time on the big screen? Well, get over their their website and cast your vote! You just might get to see your favorite movie the way it was supposed to be seen. On the big screen!

Willy WonkaMystic Cinema is located on Vernon St. at the Roseville Tower Theatre. Movies are only shown a few times a month so keep posted on what is up and coming by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Currently they only show movies on one day and one day only. But lucky you they are showing movies on 2 (count them) TWO Dates in June!

Blazing SaddlesJune 18th they will be playing:
BEN HUR at 2pm & at 10pm
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory at 7pm.

Then on June 25th they will be playing:
Blazing Saddles at Midnight

You now know exactly where to find me on those dates! That's right, front row center!

Stay Updated and follow them on

Facebook Facebook/Mystic Cinema
Twitter twitter/mysticcinema
or on their Website:

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