Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to do Classic Pinup Makeup

1.  Apply your foundation and powder as usual.  Makeup sure you have a flawless, finish.
2.  Apply a Matte white shadow on lid and brow bone
3.  Apply Light brown in crease
4.  Apply liquid black liner to upper lid, winging slightly out and at an upward angle.
5.  Apply White liner on lower water line
6.  Apply a heavy coat of mascara or apply false lashes
7.  Draw on or fill in your brows to define them.  Use a ½ shade darker then you normally would for an added touch.
8.  Apply your Blush:  Use a light peachy pink blush if you are doing red lips.  Use a pinky blush if you are doing hot pink lips.
9.   Avoid highlighting or contouring unless absolutely needed for balancing features

10.  Avoid shimmers in shadows, try to use all matte
11.  Apply your lips, using either bold red or hot pink for a more modern flare to your pinup look.

12.  Use black liquid liner to create a Beauty Mark on side where hair your hair is parted from.

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