Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rock Star Toes

by Arrvada
Ok, so by now you've at least heard about these, right? We've run specials, you've gotten hints, a mere taste and it perks your interest. If it didn't we aren't doing our job. So, just what are Rock Star Toes? Well, I am glad you asked. They're the rage in So-Cal, and they are the only way to spend the summer barefoot by the pool.
Every summer we spend time at the nail shop getting pedis. We enjoy them, they are an indulgence to be sure, but once that massage is done, how long does that bright polish last? How long do your toes look pretty in those new sandles or bare toed in the pool? Two days, five, tops? Yeah, we all know how it works. If you manage to make it home from the salon with out smudging, swiping or completely anialating your polish, by the third or fourth day your shoes are already wearing it off. It's the bane of our existance, especially during this time of year when our toes spend more time peeking out of our shoes then hiding in them.
So how many times do you have budgeted to go to the salon for a pedi this season? How many times do you plan on wearing open toed shoes? Have you done the math? Not enough sessions at the salon, huh?
What are we to do? You ask (with up flung hands). And I say (with a big smile), Rock Star Toes, Baby!
Well, how'd you like to have sparkly, shiny, perfect toes all summer with minimal fuss?
Sounds good.
But, wait. there's more!
No, really! How'd you like those same lovely toes to never lose that shine, or come off for weeks?
I don't believe you!
Why not?
Well, it's time you Rocked those piggies!
Rock Star Toes are simple, easy and look fabulous. Our Stylists use either glitter acrylics or gels to create a smooth, thin over lay on your natural nail. They are durable, wear well, require only a fill every few weeks, just like your fingers and do NOT damage your natural nail. Because we use a protein primer, your nails are actually strenghtened by the process. And the very best thing; you can Rock any color, sparkle or glitter you can imagine. So what are you waiting for?

Rock those Toes, Ladies!

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Martha Burns said...

Really awesome nails and awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

rock star toes