Friday, July 23, 2010

SUNBLOCK…….by Raquel

You must use a good sun screen no matter what your skin type or shade. My Latino and African Sisters… listen up!! all too often I found that darker skinned women don’t wear sunscreen… they think that they are less likely to burn… so they don’t need it. Even though darker skin doesn’t “Burn” like very light euro descent skin, You will still sustain damage from the sun. Unprotected exposure to the Sun causes hyper pigmentation (dark spots and patches) that you will later be battling with, not to mention premature aging (fine lines and wrinkles) So block it baby!!!

I personally have very very oily skin….. most sun blocks break me out something crazy! I use and like an oil free sun block that does not contain Titanium Dioxide!! (you know when you look at a picture of yourself…. And you are like, why does my face look so ghostish and ashy?? That is the Titanium Dioxide that most cheaper cosmetics have in them… and it causes a refection from the flash of the camera) So avoid this ingredient by all means!!! Cause girl… as a Vixenized Diva, you never know when people are gonna be poppin' off photos of you cause you look so fine!! Be prepared at all times!

I am currently using a sun block by Peter Thomas Roth, Ultra-Lite, Oil-Free Sun block with SPF 30. I like this a lot, it goes on sheer and dries pretty well. I do not find that this makes me more oily as the day goes on like most sun blocks do. Because I have very oily skin, I forgo the moisturizer and just use the sun block. Ahhh so some relief to my oily skinned sisters, I know how many times you have cursed your mascara under your eyes =) However if you have drier skin, you will still want to use a moisturizer after you apply the sun block, because the sun block will not give you enough moisture through out the day.

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