Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Makeup Must Haves

A good makeup artist is an equal opportunist when it comes to the kind of products they use in their kits.  

They are by far the worst hoarders of makeup and are almost compulsive in purchasing everything new that hits the scene.  But this isn't just a selfish indulgence, this is research and possibly a learning curve that will bring them up to the next level in their skills.

Take a look inside any of the pro kits at Image ProvoCateur and you'll see what I mean.  You'll see an abundance of VIP-CAT Cosmetics, but you will also see a smattering of other brands as well, from MAC and NARS to Wet 'n Wild and CoverGirl.  Each of our artists are going to use the best tool for the job, no matter the name on the label.  

Each item in our kit was chosen for it's performance.  We all have our personal favorites, brands and products, and it's how we know what is going to work best for all of our clients.

If there was one piece of makeup We couldn't live with out?:

Raquel Siders - Master Artist:  Revlon Colorstay Foundation.  With it you just need it, not foundation, concealer AND powder.  It's 3 in 1.

Arrvada - Makeup Artist:  Mascara!  My lashes are freakin' blond!  My personal favorite for myself and for my kit, Covergirl's LashBlast, waterproof.  And lately, NYX Black Eye Shadow. 

Debye Martin - Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist:  MAC Blunt.  Love it!  Use is for everything!

Jen Haupt - Makeup Artist:  MAC Moonstone Lip gel.  My new love!

Heather Martin - Lead Stylist & Creative Director:  Eye primer by MAC.

Abby Siders - Makeup Artist:  MAC Black Eyeshadow

Dana Schleth - Photographer:  Mascara...The big yellow one!  Colossal by Maybelline.

Elya Preston - Hair Stylist:  Mascara!  Loreal Voluminous blackest black, waterproof

Jenny "Cakes" Garten - Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist:  Mascara, pink and green bottle.

Kayla Lawrence - Hair Stylist:  Palladio Liquid Liner and Palladio Face Powder

Angel Rotar - Makeup Artist & Modeling Instructor:  Revlon Color Stay Foundation

Arlene Culbreth - Hair Stylist:  Bare Essentials, warmth.  It's a bronzer.  Love it!

Liz Eason - Massage Therapist & Makeup Artist:  Lip gloss, I have a million brands!  And my mascara which is Loreal.

Krystle Sze - Makeup Artist - My fav makeup product is liquid foundation, and my favorite one is Teint Idole from Lancome.  I love it!

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