Friday, March 27, 2009

Skin Care Essentials for your Wedding

It's been a debate since forever weither one should get a facial before the wedding, if you should risk a spray tan or just deal with pale skin and acne and pray your photographer can air brush. this should no longer be one of your worries. All brides should get a facial one week before their wedding, not only to clear up or head off any potential breakouts, but also to hydrate and pamper the skin that they are bound to be neglecting with all the hundreds of other details that they have on their mind.
Facials are certainly a good thing, but not all facials are created equal. talk to your estetician, explain what your worries are. Are you just dehydrated? Well, a deep hydration facial will eleviate that, along with the fine lines and fatigue excessive dryness can cause. It will bring moisture and firm up those lines that can appear from dehydration. Oily enough to make fries? Choose a facial that will exfoliate and draw out the toxins and oils that build up inside your pores with out causing excessive dryness which can lead to irritation. It is very important to take care of your skin before the wedding, it will improve your mood, because you get a chance to pamper yourself for an hour, it will improve the quality of your photos and help you avoid last minute break outs. Just be sure you don't put off the facial to the day before the wedding, that is a move that could cause a lot of stress and heart break later, since you never know just how your skin might react to a treatment it's never had.
Spray Tanning.... Ok, this brings to mind orange skin, fake hair and other body parts. But that is not the reality. True you've seen someone who had a bad experience and did turn orange, but that is not what happens when you go to a spray tanner who knows what they're doing. It also depends on the product they are using. Here at Image Provocateur we've been spray tanning our brides for the past few years and none of them have ever walked down the aisle a bright shade of orange. And the reason for that? Well there are two. The first is the product we use, it's unique formula rehydrates the skin while using your own natural tone to darken you into a richer, warmer color of your natural skin tone. And the second? Because our spray tanner's are the best! Each one is exclusively trained how to accentuate and blend each client to perfection. So don't be affraid to add a little summer glow to your skin, or even out your skin tone, we promise you will look your best when we send you down the aisle.
To Wax or Not to Wax... That is the question isn't it? Do you want to clean up those unruly hairs for your honeymoon in Hawaii or just get ready for your special night? What is keeping you away from it? Is it the horror stories you've heard from your girlfriend's about their trip to the waxer? Or perhaps your own? Let us eleviate your fears. Here at Image Provocateur we use a special Hard Wax for those delicate areas that reduces the pain and chances of break outs. In comparison to the standard soft wax/cloth strip method the difference in results and experiance are huge. Some notes of warning however if you do decide to wax before the big day. Exfoliate well before your appointment and do it at least a week in advance. Aside from that, it's time for you to get honeymoon ready!

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