Wednesday, February 17, 2010

8 Steps to Healthy Hair in 2010

1. Start with a good professional cut.
- Seeing a professional guarantees you get the right hair cut for your facial shape, hair texture and lifestyle.
- It starts your hair over again healthy by removing damaged ends

2. To keep your hair healthy make sure you schedule routine trims with your stylist for every six to eight weeks.

3. Drink plenty of H20.
- Proper fluid intake improves the health of body, skin and hair.

4. Don't Product Overload.
- Too much product will weigh your hair down making it limp and lifeless.

5. Protect your hair.
- Always use a Thermal Protectant when using styling tool.
- We suggest Enjoy Hair Care's Shine Spray or Shine & Gloss Drops.

6. Rest
- Get plenty of rest. While you are sleeping your body is working hard on repairing and refreshing your body, including your hair.

7. Moisture.
- Aside from drinking lots of water, keeping your hair moist with the proper products is a must.
- We suggest using Enjoy Hair Cares Hydrating Conditioner or their Intense Reconstructor in the shower.
- Try getting Deep Conditioning Treatment every 2 Months for Extra Hydration during the summer or at the change of each season.

8. Use the Right Products.
- Choosing the correct products for your hair type is crucial in maintaining a healthy head of hair. It will keep your hair strong, prolong your color and ensure your style is always looking it's best.

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