Sunday, October 5, 2008

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September…. It’s time to leave summer behind and face the change of season that’s just around the corner. Sweltering summer heat isn’t over, but our needs for our hair and for our looks are changing. Good-bye flip flops, sun streaked free flowing hair and dry, sun baked skin. Months of swimming in chlorinated pools and the heat of summer have taken their toll on our skin and our hair. Light hair colors for summer have taken their toll as well. Bleaching by chemical and by nature can make our hair a brittle mess. Now that we are moving into weather that is going to be cooler our colors will go darker, our styles more sleek and controlled. We’re heading away from beaches and into business. It’s time to get those locks back into their most luscious form.
So how are we supposed to do that? Proper care of course. But if you think you can just wash your hair with any shampoo you pick up over the counter you are sadly mistaken. Give your hair what it craves, moisture, protein and all those goodies that will give it that wonderful healthy shine.
What better way then by giving your hair a monthly deep conditioning treatment? The perfect formula for that would be Enjoy’s Four Step Conditioning Treatment: 1) Clarifying Spray by Enjoy, use this spray before you wash your hair by applying liberally throughout your hair. 2) Shampoo your hair with Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo by Enjoy, rinse thoroughly and remove excess water from hair. 3) Liberally apply through entire length of hair Intensive Reconstructing Spray by Enjoy, do not rinse out. 4) Apply Hair Mask by Enjoy liberally and comb through entire hair. Leave in five minutes, than rinse out thoroughly. This process will bring your hair back to life. This treatment can be done once a month to keep you hair lustrous and healthy.
Now that you’ve brought your hair back to life, its time to keep it that way. And the way to do that is to keep to a hair care regime that brings moisture and beauty to your hair. Break you hair regime into monthly, weekly and daily routines. Monthly masks and deep conditioning treatments bring that much needed moisture and shine back. Weekly treatments with Enjoy’s Sulfate-Free Shampoo will remove excessive product buildup, keeping your hair fresh. Follow with the Instant Reconstructor by Enjoy to instantly reconstruct and moisturize dry, brittle, weak or over processed hair, giving hair new life and vitality. And your daily regime that would benefit any head of luscious locks would be the use of the following amazing products by Enjoy: 1) Wash and Condition with Enjoy’s Luxury Shampoo and Luxury Conditioner, indulge your self with these creamy products. Relieve stressed out hair and scalp. Discover what pampering your hair is all about. 2) Remove excess moisture from your hair, 3) towel dry, 4) spray in Condition Spray then comb through your hair. This wonderful product will protect your hair from blow drying, sun and other thermal services. Excellent for detangling, preserving hair color, smoothes and softens hair without weighing down or giving you a greasy feeling. You are now ready to style your hair into the look that is all you.
This fall the look is in for loose, sexy curls, the look Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Byonce are rocking. Get those soft, defined curls with these easy steps and the right products. 1) Towel dry, 2) add Shaping Lotion by Enjoy, this product will define those curls, add texture and shine. Use it to create voluptuous, flexible body and volume. Use this for soft control and styling. Hot rollers are a must to get this look. 3) Once your hair is pretty much dry and you’ve thrown in your Shaping Lotion, throw it up in hot rollers. 4) Adding Enjoy’s Volumizing Mousse to the roots of your hair, just beneath where you’ve placed the rollers will create volume, smoothness, shine and root lift. It will further define your curls and build up texture without flaking. 5) Drop your curls out of the rollers, loosen them up with your fingers, 6) defining the look you want before spritzing your hair with Enjoy’s movable working Hair Spray 7) and your last step to fully accentuate those sexy locks spray Enjoy’s Shine Spray. This alcohol-free formula eliminates frizz, adds incredible shine, smoothness and softness.
The right tools are all you need, and now you have them. So get out there with that sexy new you, and rock the world. If you need anymore help, come on in to Image Provocateur, located at 419 Riverside Avenue, Roseville, CA, 95678, we’ll guide you in creating your new you.
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