Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Makeup

Longer nights, darker shades, the year deepens and becomes more romantic, more mysterious. The light colors of summer deepen, growing richer as the year comes to it’s close. Fall Fashion embodies a richer look, a look made famous long ago by the Mod, dark smoky eyes, nude lip and flawless skin. Colors darken, leaving behind the bright pinks and peaches of the summer lines. Deep plums, warm browns, cool charcoals and vibrant gold come to life. Chanel and Dior are advancing new lines where gold reigns supreme. This year the Modern Mod will reign, her eyes, smoky shades of gray and gold, her lips a soft neutral, her skin smooth and flawless.
Smoky eyes with well blended lines, thick smoked out liner. Use colors that compliment you, charcoal or black, olive green, plum or chocolate brown. Highlight your brow bone and lid with a shimmer of VIP-CAT’s White on Gold eye shadow. Then fill the crease with a dark shade of your choosing and blend well. Blend is your friend, always blending up and out, giving contour and depth.
The desired look this fall for lashes is an almost fake appearance, thick and lustrous, thick with black mascara. What better way to achieve that look then by having your lashes professionally extended by a trained stylist at Image Provocateur? Properly applied Lash Extensions will give your eye that thick lustrous fringe and last through fall and into winter with proper care.
Your brows should be properly arched an almost ingénue look, a simple almost natural look like Audrey Hepburn, or if you like the dramatic arch, think Marilyn Monroe. Proper tweezing or waxing can achieve the desired shape.
Light blushing on cheeks and easing contouring over flawless foundation and powder can be used for a neutral look. The original Mod of the 1960’s chose pale skin and lips, her eyes standing out in an almost waif like pale face. However the modern Mod wants a more neutral look, natural toned skin, so light blush and contouring will achieve this for you.
Your lips should be a shade quite similar to your own natural lip color, something simple and neutral, not quite nude, but not made up. However, if you desire color, the simple red lip is a lifetime classic and will turn an easy day look into a dramatic evening look.
Long live the modern Mod, her of the smoky eye and thick lash.
The Modern Mod, the Diva rules the night and by day the Sweet Romantic is the queen. Her skin glows, flawless, her cheeks flushed, her lips rosy like they’ve just been kissed. This flawless romantic look starts with smooth foundation, pressed powder and light, rosy blush on cheeks. Her eyes are contoured softly with a neutral golden brown in the crease, blended out to give depth and warmth. A soft shimmer of White on Gold on the lid and brown bone gives a warm glow to her eyes. A little White on Gold along the top of the cheek bone and down the bridge of the nose will add a nice sparkle to your skin and is a wonderful highlighter for the contour process as well.
Lashes are natural, brows nicely arched to frame the eyes. The lips are a brighter shade of your own natural lip tone, a color that inspires that full lipped, just kissed look, and for added plumping a dab of White on Gold in the very center of the bottom lip will do nicely.
By day a glowing, soft romantic, by night a Modern Diva. You can be all these things with the right makeup. Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Cosmetics will bring out the look you need. Come in for a personal training class with a Master Makeup Artist and learn all the tricks and gentle nuances that only the professionals know.
Image Provocateur, Where your Image is everything.

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