Friday, January 30, 2009

Beauty Tips

By Raquel Siders, Creator and Master Artist of VIP-CAT Academy of Cosmetic Arts
CleanseCleanse face thoroughly using Japanese Wash Cloth with your favorite cleanser.

Moisturizer (Preferably after bath or shower). Make sure your moisturizer isn’t too greasy. Blot moisturizer off face gently with a tissue if this occurs before applying foundation.

FoundationWhen purchasing foundation ask your makeup artist to test color on forehead or décolleté'. It should blend with your skin tone. When applying foundation start at forehead and work down horizontally. Make sure foundation is blended well over eyes and under eyes as well as underneath the jaw line, and down the neck. Apply with either fingertips or sponges.
Always blend foundation onto eyelids and lips; this will make your eye shadows and lipstick set and stay better throughout the day!
Always check your foundation color in the daylight.

ConcealerAny dark circles under eyes or imperfections in the skin can be covered with concealer. May be applied before foundation or after.

PowderThis will set your foundation and give it a matte finish. This is very important when doing photography - you should always aim for no shine. Powder well with a powder brush. When being photographed, apply a bit of powder to neck and chest as the skin without the foundation absorbs the light. On mature skin be careful not to powder too much under eye area, as it may become to dry looking.

EyebrowsUse eyebrow pencil or powder and angular eyebrow brush. In most cases the highest part of the brow arch should be just past iris of eye. There are clear mascara products on the market I highly recommend, as this will set the brow to give it a nice clean appearance. Put this on after your brows have been filled to your liking.
*If your brows are unruly, try and get a professional to do a good wax on them and tweeze any stray hairs along the way.

Eyeshadow1.Lid Color
2. Highlight or Brow color
3. Crease Color
This is a very conventional way of applying eye shadow, I find this works with most clients but remember there are no rules in applying makeup, whatever works for you and gives you the best results is what I recommend you go with.Remember there are many different eye shadow shapes and each one can give you a totally different kind of look, experiment and have fun with it!

EyelinerApply eyeliner as close to your lashes as possible. There is nothing more uncomplimentary then when you see the white line between the lashes and eyeliner line. Choose powder, gel or liquid (I don’t like pencil because it moves as your body heats up and doesn’t stay well). The first point of contact with your brush is going to be the darkest. Start on the outer corner and work your way in, feathering in your eyeliner until you reach the inner corner. This is not easy. Practice, Practice, Practice!

MascaraA fanning, wiggling type movement from side to side followed by brushing the lashes outward, is what I like to do. If you do get the odd clump, separate with metal lash comb, you can purchase this in drugstores or beauty supply stores. BUT be careful, it’s very easy to poke yourself in the eye with these.

LipsLine lips with lip liner. Make sure your lip pencil is sharpened. Lining lips prevents bleeding of lipstick. Follow natural lip line. Fill in lip color, blot and reapply lipstick Gloss (optional)
* Powder first coat of lip liner and then reapply it will last longer

BlushApply to apple of cheek, and dust on tip of nose and forehead. Make sure you don’t see lines. Set make up with powder once again.
*Blend well. Use a good blush brush, dip into your blush powder, shake off or if it's your personal brush blow off any excess powder and apply to areas I mentioned above, lightly.

Finding the Right Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

If you are planning on hiring a professional makeup artist on your wedding day, find an artist you are comfortable with, one who listens to your needs and one who offers constructive advice. Look at portfolios if available and do a trial run so you can see how you will look on your wedding day. At the time of the trial run try and have your hair done in the way you'll be wearing it on your wedding day as different hairstyles influence the way your makeup should be done.

When you decide on the lipstick, lip pencil and perhaps gloss and powder you will be wearing the day of your wedding, ask the makeup artist if it is possible to purchase those particular products for the day of your wedding as touch ups in those particular areas will be required. If you have a particular color you want to wear on your lips bring it to the trial run and see if it works with the overall look. Some makeup artists will ask the bride and the bridal party to bring their own mascara. This is for sanitary reasons only! It is always a good idea to take this precaution. Make sure when doing your trial run to view makeup in different lights if that is possible.
It is ideal to apply makeup in a room with natural light. If you feel comfortable with your makeup at the end of your trial run, book immediately with the makeup artist because if you are marrying during a busy season your makeup artist will not hold the date without a commitment.

Have a facial: 2-3 weeks before would be ideal to avoid breakouts.
Try to avoid testing new products on your skin as an allergy could occur. Again 2-3 weeks before would be ideal if you must try something new.

Avoid stress: I know this is hard at this time but the week before pamper yourself as much as possible. Warm baths, pedicure, manicure, massage any of these would be helpful if you have the time for it.

Drink lots of water: Try to avoid alcohol if possible. I know it's hard with all the extra entertaining you'll be doing but alcohol does dehydrate the skin and can cause breakouts.
Your lasting memories will be in the photographs and videos you take on your wedding day.
Make sure you look the best you can!

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