Thursday, February 26, 2009

Raquel Siders - Master Artist - Bio

Raquel Siders Bio

Makeup Diva, Shadow Slinger and head of the ‘Makeup Mafia’ Raquel Siders is a Master Artist. She is the creator and passion behind VIP-CAT Cosmetics. With focus on Celebrity style makeup, on glamour not gore, Raquel’s love for this exciting industry started over seventeen years ago when she took her first steps into the art and glamour of this world. Her inspiration evolved from the Latin roots of her childhood, from the Flamenco and Salsa dancers, from the bright, bold colors of the Latin community. That started her journey, and her skill evolved with the Glam of the 80’s and her personal style began to emerge. From celebrities to soccer moms, from film to stage, runway and bridal, she has studied and mastered all of these techniques. From the use of body paints to airbrushing she has embraced all forms of the cosmetic arts. In her desire to feed her passion for her art and to keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry she travels extensively to NY, Las Vegas and LA to attend classes to continually fuel her passion. And as her skill has grown and evolved, her passion has further widened to teaching and sharing what she has learned, to help others achieve that next level. In seeking to share this knowledge Raquel has created the first academy of Professional Cosmetic Arts to Northern California. It is her goal to bring the latest in cutting edge techniques to the students of VIP-CAT Academy of Cosmetic Arts. It is her goal to always ‘Give good face’.

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