Sunday, April 18, 2010



Art should be the expression of the human soul, like poetry brought to life. Art should be the reflection of an artists soul. It should evoke emotion, something you can feel low down in your gut. It should sneak up, gentle and poignant, or explode inside of you, passionate and vibrant. It should be bright with joy or dark and vicious, violent and raw.

One local artist comes to mind when I think of art and want to feel. I have the privileged to be surround by his creations and each day I am struck again by their power. Image Provocateur is home to the art work of Canaan Becker, an exclusive gallery to his imagination.

Canaan Becker is a local artist whose medium of choice is photo manipulation. Through the use of Photoshop, stock photos and a clear vision of his own emotions, Canaan creates unique and one of a kind Digital Art.

Each piece is like a dream, startling and filled with dark, deep colors. Each one filled with emotions, raw and visceral, brought to life. Sometimes sad and dark, brutal and vibrant, deep yearnings, lo
ngings. His pieces are often crushing with despair, dark with mystery and with secret glimmers of magic. In each one, even in the most personal and painful, there is a golden thread of triumph. The triumph of a soul finding release.

Each piece is a mirror into his soul, a flash of his dreams and emotions and each piece he is offering to share with you.