Thursday, April 22, 2010

Featured Artist: Canaan Becker

From an Interview with Local Artist, Canaan Becker:

Canaan Becker: "I have been working with digital image editing and photo manipulations for over ten years now. I'm inspired by fantasy, dreams and the human imagination. What I strive to relate in my art is the feelings and emotions that I have in my dreams.

In the picture 'Midnight' I was trying to capture the feelings late at night just before I drift into sleep. To me this picture captures, in an image, the way the darkness of night makes me feel.

In my piece 'Brumlugu', I was creating a dream-like state of a cult scene representing the weakness of the human mind to bow before a man-made god.

'The Head' is my interpretation of music taking over your mind, body and soul, completely taking over until it physically becomes a part of you, thus connecting the headphones by wires physically into the human skull.

I wanted to create a visual of the the way you feel wearing headphones, listening to your favorite musical piece and the moment when it becomes such a part of you that it almost feels like the headphones have become infused to your head.

In creating one of my most recent pieces 'The Experiment', I was trying to convey the frustrating feeling I currently am so engulfed by and not knowing how to overcome the fear of how vulnerable and frail sharing my soul and my art makes me. In this piece, the planet represents my art and the feminine beauty my frailty and the dark, shadowy creature around the corner is my fear.

In one of my favorite creations,'Human Machine', it is my interpretation of humans being so dependent upon machines that they actually start to become one. I wanted to make an image that showed the beauty, yet cold, loss of soul.

'Imprisoned Heart ' represents a broken, beaten, yet still beautiful, heart. What the heart is beaten down by is personal, but is still in this image. What I can tell you, is that every piece in this image is symbolic. The beautiful, frail nude woman represents my own heart, tattooed and bare. The red and blood-spattered walls, my blood, my life force all locked away in a prison cell, afraid to turn around and face the world."

All the pieces featured are on display at Image Provocateur, 232 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678.

To contact Canaan Becker:

Ph (916) 910-3384.

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