Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dream to be a Model......

If you are looking to break into fashion modeling or simply to boost your existing modeling career, read on.
Fashion modeling is no longer only available to tall, thin girls. Companies are looking for "real people" types, of all looks and sizes to advertise their products and services. These models are just what the name suggests: real looking people to represent someone the average consumer can identify with in their ads. There are a number of types of modeling jobs to choose from, besides the traditional runway modeling that everyone usually thinks of. In addition to runway modeling, you can have a successful career modeling products for specific companies or posing for magazines. There are specific teen modeling jobs, along with modeling and acting jobs for television or film. The VIP-CAT Academy's Modeling Program is a 20 hour training program encompassing all major phases of modeling. The object of the course is to bring each student to an ideal level of professionalism in photography and fashion show runway modeling. Each class is limited to 12 students, allowing excellent individual attention. This course's goal is to prepare students for career opportunities in the modeling profession through lecture, workshop, in the field experience, and exposure to metropolitan modeling, fashion shows and photography. The skills obtained though our programs will equip a student for life. Students will gain the confidence and composure to handle life's challenges and meet the entertainment world with a fresh bold attitude and a positive self-assurance and professionalism. This program includes:
Year-round special events, opportunities and graduate workshops
Career Express web posting of photos for exposure to photographers, agents, casting directors.
The Professional Modeling classes are divided into two catagories: Print and Runway. Sessions are twice per week, Monday and Tuesday Evenings, 1.5 instructional hours per session. Course DescriptionsHealth, Fitness & Figure Control:Knowledge of nutrition and figure control is vital to good health, self-confidence. Exercise and healthy eating is the primary way to achieve any figure goal. The school's aim is to compare and contrast different nutritionist's theories, hence compiling a personal philosophy suited to each individual. Skin Care Analysis & Techniques:Skin types are analyzed and an appropriate cleansing program recommended. An appreciation of nutrition and health as an irreplaceable element in one's beauty program is emphasized, and personal plans are suggested. Professional Cosmetic Techniques:Application of cosmetics and their appropriate uses are the objectives of these workshops. The sessions include color analysis for skin types, foundation, blush, contouring, highlighting, mascara, eye shadow, as well as understanding the use of application tools. Both color and black & white photography make-up are taught. Make-up appropriate for photography and runway appearances is covered. Hair Care & Styling:The condition and type of each student's hair is evaluated and daily care recommendations are made. Hair products are described in relation to their purpose and best use. Each student has his or her face shape defined, and hairstyles recommended accordingly for both current and future styling decisions. These sessions are taught keeping job interviews, runway, and photography "looks" in mind. This section also includes exploration and mastery of a variety of current casual, daytime, and business styles as well as formal styles. Flexibility in look is stressed along with suitability for particular moods and fashion. Professional Attitudes & Responsibilities:A broad range of topics are covered to enhance the individual's perception of professional behavior. Habits and attitudes are important in the field of modeling and will be evaluated. Other areas include the use of composites, portfolios, resumes, personality, modeling interviews, on-the-job behavior, and knowledge of the field and job opportunities. Visual Poise & High Fashion Runway Modeling:Posture and body language is taught for each student to apply to their personal life as well as professional situations. In addition to creating healthy posture habits, effective body language communication is taught for job interviews, stage. Techniques are presented in keeping with current trends and include pivots and turns, arm and head movement, expressions, visual poise, and use of props. Students are expected to incorporate this knowledge into a coordinated fashion show to be presented at the conclusion of the course. Portfolio Preparation & Development Shoot: Students will be taught techniques on how to put together a working portfolio. Photography Sessions : Actual photography shoots are included with a top fashion and beauty photographer utilizing selected looks from each student's planned portfolio. Contact sheets are provided for the student's review, and VIP-CAT Staff assists in selection of prints to be ordered for students' portfolio. Print costs are not included in program.Photo Posing Techniques:Students will demonstrate a mastery of a variety of poses portraying different moods; standing and with sitting props; body and facial movement and alignment. Two complete changes (including hair, make-up and clothes) used for a practice photo shoot will be brought to class. This will create ideas for looks and give the student the confidence needed to shoot with a professional photographer. Fashion Show:Models demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have learned by planning, organizing and performing in a fashion show to which their families and friends are invited. The show will prepare them for fashion shows they will be invited to perform in year-round. This is also excellent to list on the student's resume for agents' review.
This course is the entrance into the Fashion Industry that you have been waiting for and VIP-CAT is here to open that door. It's time for you to take that first step on the Runway to your new Career.

Courses enrolling each month at VIP-CAT Academy. For more information call Arrvada at VIP-CAT Academy (916) 474-5578

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