Monday, September 28, 2009

Weddings....Dreams made Real

Weddings are hopeful. They are the day that we have gambled all our hopes and dreams on since childhood. As little girls we played dress up, envisioning the day we would be walking down the aisle to pledge our life to the man we love. We dreamt of weddings bells in the midst of our first crush, watched Cinderella one too many times and dreamed of one day finding our very own prince charming. Weddings are the day before Happily Ever After, and it is the day that leads us there. Weddings aren’t just about the confetti, about the I do’s, the cake, the venue, they are about the combination, the compilation of everything all together to make that one perfect moment for that one perfect day. We envision birds singing and the sun shining down on us with gentle heat while we are resplendent in a gown of snow white, a princess from a story book for that one moment. We envision joy, we envision our hearts bursting with love when we are finally able to say I do. All that is possible, the memories will be cherished, but there are so many plans to be made. Your venue, your gown, your photographer, your caterer…. So many things, its seems they rush upon you. And what of yourself, the bride? You are the center piece, this is your day. This day should be your joy, the day you’ve always wanted and you should look and feel the way you have always dreamed.
The trappings are all around you, you’ve thought of it all, now it’s your turn. You’ve found the gown that you’ve always wanted, a vision in white, you’ve found the veil, you’ve even found the shoes. You have a crowd of your loved ones around you, it is the day of your wedding. You’ve only a few hours left before you will make that inevitable walk down the aisle with your family pressed in on all sides. Have you remembered everything? We will. Image Provocateur will be there with you. We will add a shimmer, a blush to your lips and cheeks, contour and depth to your eyes, so that you will shine out from among the rest of the bridal party. The camera will only see you. You’re hair will be done, your veil placed. Our staff of highly trained and uniquely skilled makeup artists and hair designers will create the look you want and achieve it for you. We will come to your location on your wedding day and create a timeless look for you. You and your bridesmaids can sit back, relax and have fun on this wonderful day. We will worry about the timing and scheduling, so that you don’t have to. Watch yourself transform into your dream, this is your day and it will be perfect.
Let Image Provocateur’s On Location Professional Makeup Artists and Hair Specialists ease your mind. You have worried about everything else…Leave your makeup and hair to us.

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