Sunday, September 27, 2009

Featured Artist - Angel Rotar

by Arrvada

We met Angel a little over a year ago when we were asked to do the makeup for a bridal photoshoot. All of us were impressed by this young woman's poise, presence and professionalism. A few months later we worked with Angel again for the Hair Wars competition at the Park Ultra Lounge. It was at that time we began to see how good Angel actually was. She coached and coordinated the models, using her experince and skill to help them achieve a level of professionalism mosty amateur models could never achieve. Now we are pleased to say that Angel has made VIP-CAT Academy her new home, bringing all of her knowledge and skill to our students and helping them achieve the ultimate goal of model. To get signed with professional agents and make the runway their home.
Angel fell in love with modeling over three years ago when she participated in her first photoshoot. From then on it developed from a hobby into a passion and Angel has dedicated her life to it. She began with one runway show per month from which she quickly expanded to professional photoshoots and runway modeling shows all over California. Since then Runway has become "my second street I walk regularly." The more time she began to contribute to modeling the more she began to realize how passionate she was about it. Now days she works as a model/coach full time. On a regular basis, she trains and works with new models who after only few weeks with her are able to move on to Professional Agencies. "It has been a climb for me but I am ready for whatever life throws at me and modeling is a live example of that. I am independent, motivated, and want only the best for all of my students."
What more could you ask in a mentor and Angel is there to take you the height of your dreams.

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