Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dance Diva - Jeslen Mishelle

Jeslen Mishelle embodies grace and sexy style when she undulates across a dance floor.

Jeslen has been a performance artist since she was just a child. It has been her passion throughout her life, driving her to higher and higher levels of perfection. Schooled in all forms of dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, belly dance, burlesque, pole/chair dance, to interpretive dance and performance art, she is an eclectic and vibrant performer.

Now she is excited to be able to bring everything she has learned to a variety of audiences at various events. It is her belief that dance is an outlet of self expression, an art of sensuality and passion.

She now wishes to share this love with women, teaching them to build confidence in movements and in their body. Regardless of dance experience, her belief is that everyone is a great dancer - one just needs to feel confident enough to do it.

With classes at Image Provacatuer, Jeslen Mishelle hopes to assist her students in poise, posture and teach them in the basics of belly dance, burlesque and, to spice things up, a little classy strip tease.

Through her classes she wishes to help them feel empowered, more confident in their sensuality and be able to seduce the person of their dreams.

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