Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Burlesque - Sassy, Sexy Seduction

by Arrvada

American Burlesque, the Sexy Strip Tease, can trace it's recent origins to Paris' Moulin Rouge of the 1890's. Made famous by Burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee during the late 19th century, modern Burlesque has evolved from a satirical form of low comedy vaudeville, to a classy, flirty art stylized by Bettie Page and the modern diva Dita Von Teese.

A new generation has reinvented burlesque, creating what it is today, a fun, sassy, seductive dance. Today New Burlesque has taken many forms, but all have the common trait of honoring one or more of burlesque's previous incarnations, with acts including striptease, expensive costumes, bawdy humor, cabaret and more. There are modern burlesque performers and shows all over the world.

Burlesque is not about overt sex or sleaze, its about the sultry seduction, the playful peeling off of one glove, or the flirting flutter of your lashes. It's all about the great seduction, and invoking the female power.
Now it's your turn to shine. Grab those high heels, a fluffy pink boa and come out to Image Provocateur to learn how to seduce and tease with the best of them.

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