Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Fixed! - Z Chiropractic

by Arrvada

I, like most others enter a chiropractor's office knowing it is something that needs to be done to relieve pain. But it's not something I usually look forward to. After my first visit to Dr. Zawada of Z Chiropractic, I've had to reevaluate what I thought I knew.

I first encountered Dr. Z during the big MOVE of August. Raquel had been a painting and moving fiend and in the process had severely strained her Hip Flexor Muscles. Let's just say that is not a pleasant injury. Poor Raquel could barely stand straight. A friend of hers referred her to Dr. Z and within a few short visits Raquel was back to her usual, energetic self.

I didn't think much about it, I was impressed by how fast she was fixed and how highly she spoke of Dr. Z. But it didn't really hit close to home until I started dealing with severe back pain. I finally decided to stop masking the issue with Ibuprofen and get a professional opinion. That's what had me walking through the door of Z Chiropractic last month.

As I lay cringing on the table, waiting for the pain, something strange happened. The Doctor talked to me! That's right you heard me. He actually asked questions and listened, really listened to my answers. Then when he did begin with the adjustments he was very careful to explain what he was doing and why.

And that is how Dr. Z works. His philosophy, his style of practice is certainly unique for any professional. It is a style that has developed over the last 13 years. With a strong history of Sports related medicine, having worked closely with the Seattle SeaHawks and the Sacramento Sirens, his approach to chiropractic care is different then those of his contemporaries. His goal is to FIX the problem and help you maintain a healthy, functional existence. As he told me, "The best person is the one who can fix you in the quickest period of time possible and let you go. You should never have to be on an ongoing maintenance care regimen. You should be fixed and done."

In a culture used to a quick fix, to a Band-Aid to cover the pain or pills to mask it, it is amazing to find a doctor who actually wants to FIX the problem. But that is exactly how Dr. Z works. It's not just a simple fix though, Dr. Z actually cares about his clients. To show you just how much this is true, within twenty minutes of leaving his office I got a text from him asking how I was doing. How many doctors would do that?

So you've got something that aches, go get it FIXED!

Z Chiropractic
1441 Secret Ravine Parkway. Suite 140
Roseville, CA 95661
Office: (916) 773-0999
Fax: (916) 773-9919

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