Saturday, March 20, 2010

Your Wedding Photos:
Memories you'll carry forever
Interview by Arrvada

I sat down with Dana Schleth of Dana Photography recently and asked her what she would tell all those brides out there when they are searching for the photographer that is just right for their wedding.

Arrvada: So, you've been doing a lot weddings this year. What advice would you give to all those bride's planning their weddings?

Dana: When you are looking for a photographer, look at the whole portfolio. When you are choosing one, they need to have a style that matches you. It's not just the price, or if they are available that you need to be aware of. It's if they are going to see you and your wedding the way you want it seen.

Arrvada: Explain that a little more, if someone specializes in weddings, shouldn't that be enough?

Dana: You'd think. What I mean by making sure they match your style is if you are a romantic, you're going to want to avoid a photographer that has a Fashion/Bridal look. You need to find one that matches you. That is very important.

Arrvada: So, what would you say your style is?

Dana: Well, I try to fit my bride's needs, but I would say my style can be very fresh, fun, sweetly intimate or raw. I find it really comes from watching the bride and groom interact with their loved ones.

Arrvada: Do you meet with your couple before the big event to get to know them so you will know how to shoot their wedding?

Dana: Definitely. I would really encourage all couples to meet with their photographer before hand, even before the engagement photos so that both sides can get to know each other.

Arrvada: So any tips for the bride on that big day? Before the camera starts clicking?

Dana: Yeah, keep hydrated so you aren't puffy or red on the day of. Also, don't drink red wine before the photos, I've found that this will stain your teeth and does not look good in photos. Also, inform family of friends when the group picture time is and make sure they know to be there or that if they are to stay away. It might be good for the bride to assign someone to be in charge of herding people. Also, try to do the group pics before the ceremony, it's much harder when everyone is trying to rush off to the reception.

Arrvada: Sounds like a good plan. Takes the stress off the bride.

Dana: Exactly.

Arrvada: So, any other words of advice for all those bride's out there?

Dana: Yeah, have your makeup done by a pro. Someone who really understands the heaviness necessary in a good picture. Family and friends might mean well or be good with hair and makeup, but this is not the day to take a chance with your looks. The camera sees everything!

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